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Virgo Yearly Horoscope


- 2024 -

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    Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus enable you to create lasting change. You'll enjoy exchanging ideas and making new contacts. You attack the year with tenacity, determined to keep your resolutions. You always put in more effort. You don't hesitate to show what you're capable of. As for vitality, your dynamism explodes.


    Sympathy is at its best. Under the favourable energies of Capricorn, you'll stay on course. The planets are propelling you forward. You're gaining in maturity. Financially, the emphasis is on material goods. The future looks bright for your career development. You're ready to take on new challenges.


    Comeback to doubts and uncertainties. The dreaded annoyances are back with a vengeance. The unfavourable influence of Saturn in Pisces forces you to rethink your plans, and setbacks slow down your drive for success. Decisions are contradictory, and you find it hard to take a stand. You seek the approval of those closest to you.


    Continuing from March. Difficulties are likely to follow on from one another, but you'll have to hold firm! At work, a project will be delayed, promises will not be kept, and you'll have to change your mind. In your love life, words fly away, but the written word remains. Something to think about!

  • MAY

    On the material front, good news is confirmed. Professionally, Jupiter boosts your confidence and gives you the opportunity to make an official commitment. In your love life, the planets are facilitating exchanges. Now it's your turn! A situation becomes a reality, and you feel the need to invest yourself emotionally.

  • JUNE

    The presence of Jupiter in Gemini puts you under external pressure. Certain planets cause disturbances. On the business front, the game looks set to be tight, so expect sudden changes. In your relationships, a climate of instability is setting in, and your love life is suffering. Between misunderstandings and misunderstandings, stress is on the rise!

  • JULY

    Your efforts are paying off. The positive energies of Taurus are driving all your projects forward. Financially, the horizon is brightening, your actions are generating profits, and you're manoeuvring successfully. Your personal life and love life bring you a great deal of satisfaction. You are fulfilled. For you, dear bachelor, Cupid will be in the game.


    The end of summer promises to be eventful. Venus brings back old memories. On the professional side, conflicts of interest resurface. Financially, the battle will be fierce, as Saturn and Neptune are likely to give you a hard time. Have the planets decided to test your resistance and your limits? You'll need to let go!


    At the start of the new school year, you'll be more perceptive than ever. You launch a new project (personal and/or professional). In autumn, you define the course to follow. Financially, you take the initiative and deal with unforeseen circumstances. A return to balance is expected in your love life. Venus will bring you closer together, and you'll have plenty of love!


    At last, you can let go and let your guard down. Mars in Cancer gives a fresh impetus to projects and activities. Difficulties and annoyances are behind you, and you're beginning to look to the future with a new, more positive outlook. Pluto in Capricorn seals your love affairs, as feelings grow stronger and more intense.


    November is a mixed month. You find it difficult to define your objectives. Professionally, the planets are helping you to move forward. In certain circumstances, you'll have to act with urgency. Sentimentally, you'll have to learn to read between the lines. On the fitness front, your moods will play spoilsport.


    A complex end to the year. Jupiter in Gemini disrupts current projects. You'll have to change your way of thinking. The weight of obligations is beginning to weigh on your morale, and you'll be looking for a way out. In December, your ultimate goal will be to find a balance between personal and professional life. Focus on well-being.

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