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Virgo Yearly Horoscope


- 2023 -

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    Mercury will allow constructive communication within your relationship. Its retrograde aspect until the 18th will not make it easy for you to express your feelings, but you will know how to prove their sincerity. Enjoying a good atmosphere at work and finding yourself in your bosses' good books, you could seal an exciting deal or be offered a promotion before long.


    Mars will push you out of your comfort zone, which will be beneficial to your career. You'll have the opportunity to showcase your skills more accurately. You will be very organized, thorough and able to improvise when necessary. Until the 20th, Venus in Pisces will make you even more charming than usual, and enjoying yourself will become your number one priority.


    Until the 25th, Mars in the house of your career will incite you to let your imagination run wild in order to take on exciting, and pretty complex too at times, challenges. Saturn changes sides on March 7, invading your house VII. Your libido will be put on standby, as you will be far too busy to even think about spicing up your love life.


    You will receive some good news this month. You could be offered a promotion or given the chance to move your career forward. But being so successful will come with its fair share of jealousy! Your rivals will try everything in their power to unsettle you. Jupiter will give your bank balance an unexpected boost. Your body will seem pretty weak, so please take good care of your back.

  • MAY

    My Virgo friend, you will not always be able to do what you like this May with Mercury retrograde until the 15th forcing you to reconsider one of your projects. On the 16th, Jupiter will save the day by giving you its support and comforting warmth. Your love life will be lively and exciting! Venus in Cancer will also brighten up your relationships.

  • JUNE

    The Mercury/Uranus duo will give your career a boost. Conversations will go well and allow you to move closer to your objectives. At the same time, Mars could make you too impulsive and irrational for your own good. Beware of illogical reactions! Jupiter will favor sentimental blossoming, so don't be afraid to break the ice with your partner or latest crush.

  • JULY

    At the beginning of the month, someone will be incredibly bitter and resentful towards you. An old issue could come back to haunt you. You will have to settle this dispute in a wise, sensible and intelligent way. Your friends and family will be very present and you will have their full support. The energy of Jupiter, more constructive than combative, will bring you stability.


    Mercury will lend you a hand. Your vacation will be impeccably planned, your budget will be under control, everything will go as expected. On the love front, Venus will insist on the importance of talking to your partner, and you should beware of a short-lived affair if you are single. At work, your serious nature and second-to-none communication skills will contribute to your success.


    Not the most straightforward month with Mercury thwarting your plans until September 15. But the Sun will enhance your resilience, and you will refuse to let bad things happen to you. You will try to come across as strong and composed, but this month of September will stress you out. New activities will be planned, but you will tend to spread yourself too thin. In love, don't expect miracles


    Mars will help you reach agreements and make compromises on the financial front until the 12th, then Mercury taking over until the 22nd will give your bank balance a boost and allow you to make an interesting investment. From the 9th, love will come back into your life in spectacular fashion. A life-changing encounter will take place, or you will decide to take better care of your partner.


    Mars will put you under pressure until the 24th. You will have to juggle between many different tasks and obligations. You'll be afraid of slipping up, but you'll be able to keep going thanks to Venus in Libra. To take your mind off things, you'll turn your attention to your love life. Your charm will work wonders, and you should be in for a delightfully romantic month.


    From December 7 until the end of the year, Neptune will encourage you to do the things that make you happy with the people who mean the world to you. You will be forced to deal with some issues at work, but nothing worth worrying about. As for your love life, it will be passionate, eventful and incredibly fulfilling.

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