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Libra Monthly Horoscope


- September 2023 -

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  • Monthly vibe

  • Your month

    Having Mars in your sign at the start of the new school year is royal! Especially when there's no dissonance about it. The planet gives you pep, motivation and energy. You'll be attacking the autumn with a desire to undertake and stand out from the crowd. Mercury could, until the 15th, force you to rethink certain points, redo your copy or wait for things to happen, but from the 16th onwards, you'll be back on track. At heart, you're in paradise, whether you're solo or a couple!

  • Your love life

    Venus and Mars guarantee you a most charming love life. Your relationship is well balanced, and you're in perfect harmony both intellectually and physically. Passion is making a comeback, and you won't be deterred by the busy back-to-school season! If you're in a relationship, you'll have plenty of plans, especially from the 16th onwards, when Mercury is back in action. On your own, your power of seduction, already very impressive, increases, and from the 4th, Venus sheds light on a situation...

  • Your career

    As you can see, with Mars in your sign, you're well equipped to start the new school year with strength, motivation and enthusiasm. The impetus provided by Mars and, from the 24th, by the Sun, makes you very determined to put your plans into action. During the first half of the month, you'll need to be patient and not give up in the face of delays and complications brought on by Mercury retrograde. All this will be forgotten by the 16th when your business takes off again. Success is just around the corner!

  • Your finances

    With Jupiter in trine to Sun/Mercury, you could be in for a pleasant surprise! A sum linked to real estate, or assets is likely to land in your account. Apart from this particular event, your finances are in no danger. All you have to do is not indulge in one of your favourite pastimes, namely spending on luxury goods, superfluous purchases or coup de coeur, which are generally among the most expensive...

  • Your wellbeing

    Mars, planet of energy and vitality, is at home. In other words, you're being served at home! Willpower, stamina, pep, everything you need to face this hectic back-to-school period. Venus has heightened your desire to look your best, prompting you to take greater care of yourself, your appearance and your diet in order to limit digestive and dermatological problems. You'll feel even more energetic as the Sun enters your home!

  • Your astro-dates

    Weeks 1 to 10: On the 7th, you're focused on a project.
    Week from 11th to 17th: On the 16th, you're ready to take any risk!
    Week from 18th to 24th: On the 22nd, a close friend lies to you and you're disappointed...
    Weeks 25 to 30: On the 27th, you're feeling a little sluggish... you'll feel better tomorrow!

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