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Scorpio Monthly Horoscope


- February 2024 -

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  • Monthly vibe

  • Your month

    It's a month of tension, the square between the Moon and Mars might disrupt your zen. How to manage this energy? Avoid unnecessary quarrels, breathe. As for the sextile of the Moon-Venus on the 3rd and the 12th, a breath of fresh air is on the horizon! Flirt with the opportunity to delve into unfamiliar cultures that will personally enrich you. A shift is underway around the 14th, be receptive. This adjustment isn't a burden but a feather on your evolutionary path!

  • Your love life

    Single, embrace your freedom! February is abundant in opportunities to indulge in your passions, relish the time for yourself, and spice up your encounters. For those in relationships, the moon squaring Mars on the 1st and 14th urges caution: sidestep unnecessary arguments. Around the 16th, thanks to the Moon-Venus trine, soothe tensions with gentle acts of love or a romantic outing. A month that demands a balance between passion and patience!

  • Your career

    This month, precision will be honed at work. Beware the tensions on the days of the Moon square Mars. Avoid conflicts and remain focused. The Moon trine Venus around the 16th sparks harmony within the team. It's also the right time to incorporate ethical and sustainable practices into your projects, playing your role in society in a positive and meaningful way. Adapt and glide with the current, each challenge is a step towards your evolution. Keep this precious goal in mind throughout the month.

  • Your finances

    The rollicking energy of the Moon/Mars square signals a need for caution as opposed to falling prey to thoughtless decisions. Instead of chasing after instant gains, strive to capitalize on opportunities that are often overlooked - for instance, why not monetize a hobby or mobilize your creative talents as an additional source of financial appreciation? In the face of the positive effervescence emanating from the Moon/Venus trine around mid-month, consider daring to breathe new life into possessions that no longer hold any meaning for you by marketing them - let's finance our dreams from here on out! Is it not equally vital to maintain a certain financial morale rather than constantly amplifying your monetary accumulation?

  • Your wellbeing

    The start of the month will be an emotional roller coaster ride, especially on the 9th of February. It's the perfect opportunity to showcase resilience and cultivate your emotional intelligence. Mid-month, you'll be confronting Martian unrest, but staying grounded and using these challenges as learning experiences will help stabilize your energy. Toward the end of the month, comfort and tranquility will be your companions. Remember: each hurdle is an opportunity to learn and grow. Maintaining a positive quality in your mindset will make this journey much more enjoyable and will grant you that inner strength you're seeking.

  • Your astro-dates

    Mark February 9th well, the Sun will be conjunct with the moon, expect some turbulence. It's better to avoid major changes on that day. Thankfully, from the 15th, you'll be radiating allure with a Moon-Venus trine: perfect for a declaration or to hear from a loved one. The 26th marks a turning point with a Moon-Neptune opposition. This could be the time to develop your sensitivity and capitalize on your intuitions. Remember throughout the month that each day is unique!

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