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Cancer Weekly Horoscope


- Week 8, 2024 -

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  • LOVE



  • Your week

    In the realm of your career, the Venus-Mars conjunction supercharges your energy and audacity. Take the leap, launch that project that's close to your heart! On the personal front, use this momentum to untangle a complex situation. Remain open to conversation.

  • Your love life

    For couples, beware of online communication! Misunderstandings may creep in, so be clear. Singles, encounters are there but caution with excessive expectations. Disappointments are lurking. Mars in Aquarius gives you a punch, so stay positive!

  • Your compatibilities this week

    You love

    Place your bets on Taurus this week! Their stable and consistent nature pairs remarkably well with your sensitivity.

    You avoid

    Beware the Aries this week! Its penchant for impatience may jostle your naturally serene balance.

  • Your weekend

    Tolerance and meditation will be at the heart of your weekend. Thanks to the Moon-Pluto trine, you'll confront old fears amidst an emotional whirlwind. Seek harmony and soothing solutions with those around you. A renewed courage will light the path, but beware of hasty initiatives that could lead to disputes.

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