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Leo Weekly Horoscope


- Week 24, 2024 -

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  • LOVE



  • Your week

    The candid influence of the Moon gives a boost to your thirst for learning. Take the reins, boldly and flamboyantly explore new intellectual horizons. However, bear in mind the square aspect between Mars and Pluto: act with discernment to proceed with both determination and gentleness in your quest for knowledge.

  • Your love life

    A surge of love for the singles, daring will charm. New encounters, yet be mindful of your emotional availability. In a relationship, questioning will strengthen your bond. Surprise with romance. However, thanks to Mars square Pluto, be careful to avoid unnecessary conflicts: Sincerity and kindness always prevail.

  • Your compatibilities this week

    You love

    A pleasant rapport with a Sagittarius this week could ignite delightful sparks. You share the same fervor and adventurous spirit.

    You avoid

    Caution is called for with Capricorns, whose pragmatism could extinguish your impetuous flame. It would be wiser to avoid unnecessary confrontations.

  • Your weekend

    A weekend marked by the emblem of allure where your bursts of laughter will be your greatest asset. Vitality and humor are on the rise, courtesy of the Sun in conjunction with Mercury. Revel in it, but remember to respect others.

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