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Virgo Weekly Horoscope


- Week 8, 2024 -

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  • Your week

    Caught off guard by professional uncertainties? Stand your ground with Mars in Aquarius. Don't ignore the doubts, but don't let them swallow you whole either. Take the initiative and stay persistent. Emotional expression could be a valuable tool for managing the stress and anxiety of the week.

  • Your love life

    Couples: standing by your partner during stressful times proves to be crucial. Explore new approaches to address their worries, they will thank you. Singles: why not consider meeting new people after this recent breakup? Not necessarily romantic encounters, perhaps just to broaden your circle of friends. Keeping an open mind makes things lighter. Worries? Mars in Aquarius gives a boost to action!

  • Your compatibilities this week

    You love

    Seek the companionship of Cancer, your complementary energy. Together, you will discover comfort and mutual understanding, making all interactions easier.

    You avoid

    Beware the Sagittarius this week. Your energies may clash, sparking unnecessary conflicts and misunderstandings. Maintain your cool and keep the diplomacy alive.

  • Your weekend

    Are you feeling a sudden urge to act? Perhaps it's Mars in Aquarius that's prickling your instinct. On a whim, you might plunge into an exciting project or even meander through the local market. Whatever you do, make sure to do it with passion and determination. Live your weekend to the fullest!

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