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Sagittarius Yearly Horoscope


- 2023 -

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    Between Mercury and Mars retrograde, you will have a hard time dragging yourself out of a negative spiral in which your initiatives are blocked, unsurprisingly putting you in a bad mood right at the start of the year. You'll find yourself smiling again, especially thanks to good financial news, from the 19th. You will have so much on your mind that your love life will be put aside this month.


    Be careful until the 20th, as Venus will make you naive when trying to seal a deal. Be very cautious to avoid misunderstandings with friends and relatives. After that Venus will trigger an important encounter or help you spice up your relationship if you're taken. Attending an interview? You will impress your interlocutors. Relationships with your colleagues will improve.


    With the confidence granted by Jupiter in Aries, you will go for it both in love like in the workplace. Your passionate feelings will be expressed without false modesty. From the 3rd to the 19th, Mercury in Pisces will confuse your mind and you may wrongly believe that you are making the right decision. Despite difficulties, you will show a fierce will to achieve your ambitions.


    You could be criticized for putting your job before your family. Venus will cause you to be afraid of short-lived love affairs and superficial friendships. Avoid making plans for the future and keep your feet on the ground. With your friends, you will enjoy being in a charge of an exciting project. You know how to bring out the best in people!

  • MAY

    Until the 20th, Mars will help you convince people at work to trust you with a considerable amount of money. Jupiter in Taurus from the 17th will encourage you to roll up your sleeves. In a relationship, you will be able to count on each other' precious support on a daily basis. Single, a fling could turn into a beautiful romance.

  • JUNE

    Your experience in the field will make a difference. Your professional relationships will be in the spotlight. Good news at the start of the month could lead to a promising contract. Make the most of the opportunities offered to you. You will not really be available for your loved ones from the 12th to the 27th, but you will make up for your absence with numerous phone and video calls.

  • JULY

    Venus will offer you a beautiful escape. It will spice and brighten up your sentimental exchanges. From the 11th onwards, Mars will encourage you to remove any ambiguity from an ambivalent relationship that could become toxic. From the 21st, you will set a precise objective for yourself and give yourself the means to reach your goal. You will fulfill your commitments.


    Mercury will put the emphasis on your work relationships or on a contract that you are about to sign. It will encourage you to settle administrative matters on the behalf of the people around you. Doing so will be tedious, but satisfying. Love will occupy your thoughts. You will prove your attachment via bold and generous initiatives.


    The month will get off to a good start, but the retreat of Jupiter from the 5th will trigger all kinds of changes around you. Having to go back to work will stress you out! If you use an unexpected situation to your advantage, you will be forced to deal with professional jealousy. You will have to rely on your meticulous organization in order not to waste unnecessary time.


    At the beginning of the month, you will grab an opportunity to improve your situation and you will not be afraid to ask people for favors or financial help. Interesting contacts will be made, paving the way for future friendships, as early as on the 6th with Mercury in Libra. This planet will also give your energy levels and self-confidence a great boost.


    You will have to play it safe, as your situation will become complicated and a bit chaotic with Saturn in Pisces. From the 10th, Mercury will come to your rescue with good ideas to be put into practice immediately. Your heart will celebrate the arrival of Venus taking wonderful care of your love affairs. On the 25th, Mars could cause you to become hyperactive.


    The Sun will strengthen your willpower and reinforce your beliefs, which are opposed by a Saturn wary of your optimistic impulses. You will be confused when it comes to feelings. Emotions will overwhelm you, blurring your understanding of what's going on around you. For the end of the year, Venus will offer you kisses and love declarations. You will think about the future together.

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