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Taurus Yearly Horoscope


- 2023 -

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    Mars moving backward until the 12th and Mercury doing the same until the 18th will trigger setbacks and delays. You will lack the means, the motivation and the support to bring your projects to life. You will have to look for alternative ways to achieve your goals. Venus, more active on the professional front than in love, will find a solution for you.


    Mercury will bring you a glimmer of hope in the professional field. Exciting opportunities will improve your everyday life and make you feel better. Uranus will push you to stand out from the crowd and your efforts will seem to pay off, both figuratively and literally speaking. For Valentine's Day, a sweet and tender Venus in Pisces will have a beautiful gift for you.


    As it moves to Aquarius, Saturn will support your projects. It will help you organize yourself in order to be even more efficient. You'll feel like your job really matters, and your working conditions will be nothing to complain about. Your love life will be in full swing from March 16 with Venus in your sign. You will spice up your relationship, or meet someone who likes you if you're single.


    While the beautiful Venus will continue to work its magic on your sign and spice up your love life until April 11, Mercury will be in a much more practical mood. Driven and relentless, you will not hesitate to work around the clock without moving away from your computer. Beware of a backlash with a feeling of exhaustion potentially coming at the end of the month.

  • MAY

    Until the 15th, Mercury will force you to deal with files and tasks you would gladly ignore forever. Then, it will support your efforts. The big news this month will be the arrival of Jupiter in your sign. As soon as it settles down, you will feel its beneficial effects. Your ideas and projects, which you have been thinking about for a long time, will find plenty of support!

  • JUNE

    If you are single and in need of love, a one-night stand will do your mood a world of good. In a relationship, you and your partner will truly enjoy each other's company. In Gemini from the 11th, Mercury will support your initiatives and give your finances a boost. From the 21st, the Sun will help you launch a personal project. You will be full of genius ideas!

  • JULY

    You will move forward at a steady pace and do what makes you happy without spreading yourself too thin. From the 10th, Mars the combative will use its energy to look after your love life. Single, love will be hiding where you least expect it. In a relationship, your feelings will be more intense than ever before. Your family life will become your number one priority at the end of the month.


    Your sky will be affected by small external incidents that will dampen the mood. It will all go well until Venus in Leo decides to spoil the party around the 13th. You will be told some pretty disconcerting news. At work, you'd like to break down barriers, but you could feel like your career is at a standstill despite your innovative proposals.


    You'll have plenty of letters to send and phone calls to make in order to legalize a complicated situation. With Virgo in charge, you'll have obligations to fulfill and specific steps to take. It will be a long process, but a necessary one for your business. Your administrative and financial initiatives will pay off. The New Moon on the 15th will support your project.


    You will be in the mood to be nice to everyone around you under the influence of Mercury in Libra, provided however that no one tries to take financial advantage of you. From October 11, Pluto will give you a big enough boost to fulfill your ambitions. When Mars moves to Scorpio on the 12th, it will sometimes look for a fight, even if you are a peaceful person at heart.


    Mars will impose more than he will propose, which will not suit you, as you like to be in control of your own personal roadmap. Mercury will be on its side until the 10th, and compromises will be difficult to reach. It should be easier afterwards, but only if you're able to swallow your pride and stay away from power struggles. Sweetness will be on the menu of your love life.


    Mars in Sagittarius will stimulate your optimism and boost your finances, helped on the 3rd by its quincunx to Jupiter. Your bank balance will be healthier despite your increased spending. From the 4th, Venus in Scorpio will bring passion, pleasure but also uncertainty to your love life. It will fill your little heart with hope before the end of the year.

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