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Gemini Yearly Horoscope


- 2023 -

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    After a complicated and confusing start to the year, you will begin to feel more comfortable and confident from January 19. You will know how to communicate, and people will come to you with solutions that you couldn't have thought of yourself. From January 3 to 27, Venus will be a great help to you. Its positive influence will bring you closer to sentimental happiness.


    Your initiatives being welcome and appreciated will encourage you to think bigger and aim higher. You'll have the opportunity to push various doors open and overcome challenges. If you have a request to make, it should be granted. Until the 11th, you will have the chance to negotiate and earn a financial bonus. Beware of confusion on the sentimental front.


    You will not be afraid to show your teeth in order to defend an existing privilege. You will excel in managing your assets and connecting with the right people to move your projects forward. You will have an unrivaled ability to convince! With Venus in Aries until March 17, you will express your feelings and emotions without asking yourself too many questions.


    Mars in Cancer and Saturn in Pisces will make you more efficient and intuitive than usual. You will be talented and your career or business will flourish. Focus on important meetings until the 21st, date after which you will have a tendency to spread yourself too thin. From the 11th onwards, you'll be seducing people for fun! In a relationship, you'll have a lot of fun with your partner.

  • MAY

    You may find yourself trapped in a complex situation under this Earth and Water sky. You will doubt certain collaborations and feel an obvious lack of support. Until May 15, Mercury will trigger misunderstandings. Beware of the consequences, especially in financial matters. Your love life is likely to take a turn for the worse too.

  • JUNE

    With the support of Mars in Leo, you will no longer be afraid to raise your profile, put your talents forward and fulfill your potential. From the 11th, Mercury will stimulate your knowledge. It will bring you luck if you are due to sit an exam. Venus will give you the freedom to take initiatives if you are in a relationship. Single, you will feel very hot in front of your new crush.

  • JULY

    Until the 23rd, Venus will stimulate your feelings. Your relationships will be sincere, light-hearted, complicit and free of constraints. In a relationship, you will improvise according to your mood and make the most of unexpected situations. Single, a fling could turn into a romantic love story in next to no time. At work, you'll continue to get yourself noticed for the right reasons.


    You will be very generous and you will give a lot to those around you, financially speaking. Venus in a Fire sign will inject more passion into your love life. At work, you will be under pressure and you will not be far from losing your cool. Too much will be asked of you or you will not be allowed to do as you please this August... Make the most of the summer to relax.


    Going back to work after the summer break will be exhausting. Not only will you have to live up to your bosses' expectations, but you'll also have a few unexpected issues to deal with, which will take you a long time. And you will need time to look after your private and love life too. From the 23rd onwards, you'll be working hard to make up for this gloomy start to the month.


    Phew, Mercury in Libra from the 5th will take care of your career, as well as your professional and personal relationships. From the 12th, you will be able to show what you're capable of and move your projects forward. Put your foot down before finding yourself stuck in the mud at the end of the month. In love, your heart will be cold.


    Until the 10th, Mercury will support your career by helping you sign new contracts and launch new collaborations. Saturn going forward on the 5th will allow you to consolidate your professional situation. From the 9th, Venus will offer you and your partner many opportunities to get closer. Single, you can look forward to an eventful month if you are looking for your soul mate.


    Beautiful opportunities to meet people will be in the cards if you're single. In a relationship, you will enjoy spending time with your partner and family. From the 14th, you will pay more attention to your professional life. You will also want to settle a sentimental dispute, but you may lack the diplomacy to do so. Being surrounded by those you love is all you'll ask for the festive period.

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