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Pisces Yearly Horoscope


- 2023 -

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    Jupiter will share reassuring news regarding your finances, but Mercury retrograde until the 18th will raise a number of questions. You will not be able to get rid of your negative thoughts! Venus, from the 3rd to the 27th, will make you more cautious in love. From the 23rd, you will start smiling again and your taste for a job well done will help you stand out from the crowd.


    You will rediscover the pleasure of loving and being loved. Valentine's Day will bring romantic promises your way. On the professional front, Jupiter will allow you to move forward with ambition and enthusiasm. Your efficiency will pay off and your motivation will increase as the month goes on. From the 21st, a financial reward will allow you to taste success.


    Mercury in your sign from the 3rd to the 19th will make it easier for you to express your needs, demands and expectations. Your negotiation skills will be given a boost, and your intuition will help you steer clear of trouble. Venus will be generous with your finances before taking care of your love affairs from the 17th. From the 25th, Mars will urge you to fight in order to get what you want.


    Mars and Saturn will require you to be incredibly disciplined and organized in order not to work yourself into the ground. However, the Sun and Jupiter will support your negotiations. So, strike while the iron is hot is business. You will be able to count on loyal supporters. Whether you are single or in a relationship, love will be in the air from the very beginning of the month!

  • MAY

    Jupiter will give your finances a boost. It may take some time for you to receive this sum of money, but Mercury will bring your bank balance up to date from the 16th. At work, your skills will be in demand. From the 7th, Venus in your house V will take good care of your love life. If you are single, you could be living a real fairy tale.

  • JUNE

    You will do business with the planets present in Earth signs. Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto will allow you to complete an interesting transaction. At work, you will be in the perfect position to realize your ambitions. In love, an unusual situation will unsettle you before making you happy beyond your wildest dreams. You will have every reason to smile.

  • JULY

    From the 1st, Venus will put your love life in the spotlight. Taken, you will enjoy making memories with your partner. Single, this will be the time to declare your love, to go out looking for your soul mate. From the 12th to the 28th, Mercury will support your exchanges with colleagues, you will demonstrate your grit and efficiency and will have the opportunity to assert yourself at work.


    You will impress those around you thanks to your common sense and desire to push your limits. You will take calculated risks and bold initiatives this August. Even if you're forced to overcome some obstacles, you'll love a good challenge! You will be dynamic and sometimes nervous. Taken, you and your partner will be inseparable. Single, a beautiful love story could soon be born!


    Your return to work is going to be more complicated than expected with Mercury constantly complaining and looking for ways to make you angry. The New Moon in your sign on the 15th will cause your stress levels to rocket up. Fortunately, the planets taking good care of your love life from the 5th will truly cheer you up. Single, passion should be on the menu!


    Mercury in Libra will not help you make decisions. Your charming nature alone will not be enough to move your career forward or seal an exciting deal! From the 13th, you will get your life back on track and you will be able to show your determination both at work and on the love front. Your feelings will be passionate, much to your delight.


    You will not be afraid to show how ambitious you are. A confident Pisces is always likely to be successful! A stronger need for independence will lead you to bring a personal project to life. You will get along with most of the people around you. Your friendships will make you happy, but your love life could prove slightly frustrating.


    From the 6th, Venus and Neptune will awaken your romantic and idealistic side. You will express yourself in a passionate way and let your emotions run wild. You will end the year in spectacular fashion in your lover's arms! You will fight to defend your interests and improve your living conditions. From the 22nd, the Sun will help you find interesting opportunities.

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