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Scorpio Yearly Horoscope


- 2024 -

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    Saturn in Pisces invites you to take a step back from certain situations. In love, you'll decide to get more involved in making your relationship a reality. If you're single, you'll be more selective. At work, you'll seek to become more independent and autonomous. The stars will support your efforts and initiatives.


    With Jupiter in Taurus, you'll be aiming for higher goals and ambitions. Work relationships are more fulfilling and constructive. You invest yourself in a collective project. In love, there's no question of wasting time. You'll get straight to the point. In terms of vitality, you adopt a healthier lifestyle.


    Conflicting situations. Venus and Saturn in Pisces will discredit your initiatives, and certain projects will be delayed. In material terms, beware of unpleasant surprises. Administrative procedures will become more complicated. Sentimentally, you'll find it increasingly difficult to resolve the problems of the heart, and dialogue will be sterile.


    In your private and professional life, you'll be more assertive and aspire to take your rightful place. Financially, you're taking back the purse strings by cutting back on expenses. If you're single, you'll prefer to flutter about, but there's no shortage of opportunities to meet new people.

  • MAY

    In May, you'll feel galvanised and identify sources of stress. Saturn invites you to let me go. Your ability to accept and adapt to change allows you to put things into perspective. Financially, a career move will improve your income. In love, you're confident. If you're single, stay attentive.

  • JUNE

    Under the right planetary aspects, situations will flow more smoothly. In the family sphere, minor communication problems are fewer and fewer. You'll be able to clarify things. In your professional activities, the planets are dampening your enthusiasm, but you need more than that to destabilise yourself.

  • JULY

    During the first week, your stress will be put to the test. Mars in Taurus leads the way. Your pace of life increases significantly. On a sentimental and personal level, you'll be involved, but you'll need the support of those closest to you. Financially, you'll need to lower your expectations. Restraint is the order of the day!


    You make necessary changes. Venus in Virgo allows you to invest more concretely in your love life. Professionally, you're giving yourself the means to relaunch a project or an activity in order to secure your future. Personally, you're ready to take the initiative to make one of your dreams come true.


    September is a time for the organisation. Take advantage of September to update your projects. As a family, you'll treat yourself to a new routine. Mercury in Virgo encourages you to develop your ideas and communicate more positively. As a couple, you make a commitment for the future. On the professional front, you've won a victory.


    October rhymes with the obvious. Under Pluto in Capricorn, you'll get the truth out. Professionally and personally, you expand your universe. The Sun in your sign makes you aware of your worth. You nourish your self-esteem. Mercury encourages team projects. Unexpected news delights you.


    Pluto in Capricorn facilitates your actions and rewards your performance. However, the arrival of Mars in Leo causes restlessness. Everything becomes more complicated, and slowdowns are inevitable. At work, rivalries could be the source of conflict. Your charisma is annoying. At heart, beware of rumours and jealousy!


    Like a lion in a cage, you feel trapped. On a personal level, you're being pushed into a corner. Venus in dissonant Aquarius is causing a stir in your love life. Although tempers may flare, you'll get through any difficulties with composure. The influence of the Sun in Sagittarius will relieve you and free your energies.

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