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Aries Monthly Horoscope


- February 2024 -

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  • Monthly vibe

  • Your month

    February is upon us, bringing with it a surge of energy. Mars, dwelling in Capricorn in conjunction with Pluto until the 14th of February, may ratchet up the pressure. Tensions could build. Be forthright, but refrain from aggressiveness. The trine between the Moon and Saturn ushers in a phase of realization on the 2nd and 19th of February. It's an opportune time to orchestrate your social relations, express your emotions with sensitivity, and delve into unfamiliar cultures. You will glean much about yourself through exchanges with others. This month is a gift for growth!

  • Your love life

    As the month's first days unfurl, the atmosphere crackles electric, lit by the opposition of the Moon and Jupiter. Those of you in couples, you'll have to holster a little more honesty to keep conflicts at bay. Now's the time, if ever there was one, to fortify the ramparts of mutual trust! For the singles amongst you, your independence remains your sharpest weapon: wield your energies to pamper yourself, to step out with friends, to do whatever makes your heart dance. As the month draws to its close, Mercury in Pisces could highlight sensitive and intuitive conversations - a bright sign for both groups!

  • Your career

    Expect some heavy turbulence with the Moon-Mars square right from the start. In the face of stress, adopt a serene and confident demeanor. By mid-February, the door swings wide open for innovative ideas with the Moon-Neptune sextile. Prioritize active listening and communication in your ongoing projects. By the end of February, breathe, balance has returned! Consider improving your time management by ranking tasks according to their importance and urgency. Additionally, prepare yourself for job interview or promotion opportunities: an overhaul of your professional affairs could be beneficial to make way for something new.

  • Your finances

    The month kicks off with the Luna-Mars square that could lead to home-related expenses, perhaps sudden repairs or an equipment renewal. Don't fret, it's a long-term investment. Around mid-month, thanks to the Luna-Neptune sextile, new ways of managing your budget could emerge. Why not seek to learn new DIY skills or cook more at home? You might discover hidden pleasures there! By month's end, finances stabilize - a splendid opportunity to start a small emergency fund..

  • Your wellbeing

    Embrace new habits. At the start of the month, the Moon opposing Jupiter might make your nights restless. Grant yourself a restorative sleep to recharge your batteries. Around February 17th, the Moon-Mars trine provides you with a renewed mental vigor. Utilize it to indulge in your passions, your well-being hinges on it. Joyful and brimming with energy, share these positive vibes around you! The end of the month rhymes with regained balance. Quite a beautiful trajectory, isn't it?

  • Your astro-dates

    Come February 3rd, plans step out from the shadows, thanks to an opportunity-laden Moon-Mars sextile. By the 15th, beware of overdoing it: a Moon conjunct Uranus might start playing tricks on you. Stay focused and steer clear of stimulants. Around the 21st, some tension eases up with a Moon-Pluto opposition that releases a dormant nervous energy... Make way for a fresh gust of wind! It's the perfect time to stretch beyond your comfort zone. Which date will leave the deepest mark on your month?

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