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Leo Weekly Horoscope


- Week 7, 2024 -

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  • LOVE



  • Your week

    Marked evolutions stake out your path this week. The Sun in Aquarius illuminates your choices with clarity. An unexpected opportunity springs forth on Wednesday, ready to seize it? Managing tensions should be your priority as the week draws to a close. Don't let technical hitches curb your ambitions. Are you anticipating these minor obstacles? Stand firm in the face of challenges to capitalize on the opportunities that await you.

  • Your love life

    In matters of the heart, the wind billows your sails. For those in love, it's about maintaining your course, not allowing outside influences to sway you. Your partnership is a strength. Single? Feeling pressure? Stand your ground! True encounters come when you stay true to yourself. Remain alert.

  • Your compatibilities this week

    You love

    Seek the company of Aquarians. Their innovative spirit and your charisma come together to create an incredible productive harmony this week.

    You avoid

    Keep a close eye on Gemini this week, your conflicting energies could stir up unnecessary turmoil. Caution and distance are advised.

  • Your weekend

    Your weekend will be punctuated by cherished moments with family, one of your profound wellsprings of joy. Indeed, Mars in Aquarius stirs an urge for exploration: a jaunt into nature seems ideal for strengthening bonds. Lean towards creative pastimes to draw from the well of wellness. You'll see, it's invigorating!

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