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The study of the Tarot de Marseille is fascinating. Legend has it that the wise Egyptians, not knowing how best to preserve the hermetic and esoteric knowledge of ancient Egypt, decided to hide it in the most unsuspecting of places: a simple deck of cards. For those who know how to decode them, the 22 major arcana of the tarot are a marvellous source of knowledge of the self and the universe, where Kabbalah, numerology… and astrology intermingle. Indeed, it’s possible to establish a correspondence between certain cards and the 12 signs of the zodiac. Find out which ones are yours, bearing in mind that some cards can be attributed to more than one sign.

ARIES: The Chariot is a good match for your tendency to forge ahead and go for your goals, without letting your emotions get the better of you. The Emperor, too, with his leadership stature, will fit you like a glove.

TAURUS: The Empress and her Venusian imprint of charm and seduction is YOUR card, but the World, showing a woman perfectly in tune with Nature, also suits you perfectly.

GEMINI: 3 blades just for you! In fact, two blades present the concept of duality and twinship: the Lover, showing this character grappling with indecision and a choice to be made between two people, but also two paths, and the Sun showing two characters sometimes symbolizing our opposite poles, finding a point of conciliation and harmony. The Bateleur, exercising his intelligence and skill with matter, also suits you well.

CANCER: The Moon, as representative of your ruling planet, is the card that best represents you, with the crayfish (Cancer is sometimes represented by a crab, sometimes by a crayfish) immersed in your element, water. The Chariot driver, wearing a suit of armor with one smiling face and one crying face on his shoulders, also symbolizes your propensity to combat hyperemotionality.

 LEO: Two blades represent you very well: the Sun is your ruling planet, and the Force shows a woman caressing the mouth of a Lion, symbolizing the victory of reason over passion. The Emperor and his regal stature could also suit you.

VIRGO: The Papess, portrayed as a woman, isolated from the world by a veil and reading or studying a book, represents your serious and analytical personality, as well as your sense of dedication. The lover and his sense of discernment will also suit you very well.

LIBRA: When we think of your sign, of course the arcane of justice comes to mind. This character carrying a sword in her right hand and a balance in her left fully symbolizes this notion of balance, of harmony between reflection and action. The Empress also perfectly transcribes the aesthetic and seductive nature of your Venus-ruled sign.

SCORPIO: Arcana XIII, also known as the unnamed arcana, depicting a skeleton armed with a scythe is the first that comes to mind, your sign being linked to death and transformation. The other arcana that comes to mind for you, who have such a sulphurous reputation, is the Devil with these two naked beings chained to the foot of a diabolical creature. It represents one of the most powerful energies there is, the sexual energy or Kundalini, which must be channeled and transmuted to awaken our spiritual centers.

SAGITTARIUS: The Pope is the arcanum most in tune with your sign, which is inclined towards philosophy, spirituality and teaching. Just look at the Pope’s gesture of transmission on the blade to be convinced. The Wheel of Fortune is well suited to your sign ruled by Jupiter, planet of luck and fortune.

CAPRICORN: For those of you who don’t shy away from isolation and austerity, we naturally assign the arcane of the Hermit, the old man who advances cautiously with his stick and lantern. Judgment also corresponds well to your need for personal and professional recognition, your need to be acknowledged by your peers.

AQUARIUS: For you too, three blades are in total harmony with your sign: the Star, representing a woman receiving cosmic influx and pouring it into the earth through two amphorae, speaks for itself. The Mat or Fool also perfectly represents your anti-conformism and your powerful sense of freedom, to the point of sometimes appearing eccentric. Temperance, too, shows an angelic figure passing a liquid or flow from one jar to another, in analogy with your sign.

PISCES: It’s the Hanged Man that immediately comes to mind when we think of your sign. This figure hanging by his foot (an organ analogous to your sign) with his head upside down symbolizes your ability to let go and surrender to divine will. The World, too, representing a woman in total symbiosis with the universe, is a good match for your constant desire to merge with the great Whole.

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