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The Runes, what is behind these symbols?

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They were considered as a bridge between the mind and the soul. They were questioned to get a direction or an answer when doubtful or worried. They might have been inspired by the Greek and Latin alphabets, but they seem to be linked to the Semitic language as well. Also called Viking Runes, Elder Futhark became a popular divination tool. There are 24 of them.

Here are their meanings:


A time for new beginnings. Wealth comes first. Strong need for power, belongings and security.


Sign of protection. Success is coming slowly but surely. Stick to your guns and be consistent!


Big changes are coming, get ready. Protection against opponents. Don’t take any risk, play it safe!


Everything falls into place, everything is in control. Feeling of security. More creativity and sharper mind.


Difficulties and obstacles need to be overcome. Must be in the right place at the right time to progress.


The mind is clear, messages are understood and knowledge is expanding. Quite a good timing for growth!


The love relationship rune, symbol of harmony. Generosity, honesty and care. We receive as much as we give!


Time for celebration after a work well done. Patience and efforts rewarded. Peace and joy, good vibes to share!


Difficult moment caused by bad habits and addictions. Lessons must be learned if we want to overcome them.


Opportunities are coming your way. Be alert and quick, take risks, the future should be successful!


It is a time for action, patience is the key. There could be an awakening call which can change your life!


It’s harvest time! This is a positive omen for the future. Wise choices and projects moving forward.


It is a protection rune, you can chase goals, good chance of being successful. Powerful phase of creation!


A secret is revealed and new beginnings can follow. Time to listen to intuition. Mystery and unknow territory!


Period of realization. Helpful friends and family members associated to projects. Protection and healing guaranteed!


Movement and progression are indicated. Need to be active and enthusiastic to achieve goals. Good health!


Hard work and consistency will bring victory. High standards and morality. Strong need for justice!


Happy times and personal growth indicated. Faith and spirituality linked to inner peace and joy. New beginnings!


Loyal friends and supportive partner. Positive thoughts will bring confidence and success!


Good timing for gatherings and family celebrations. Need to be at peace with oneself and others. Self-satisfaction!


A good time for acknowledging the needs of the body and the mind. Spirituality and intuition are helping!


Energy, spontaneity and freedom from weighty concerns are a necessity. Changes are on their way, don’t reject them!


A good time for discoveries and awakenings. The mind is clear and sharp. Follow your inspiration and be creative!


There is a need for peacefulness and balance. Importance of a quiet house for meditative and regenerative purposes!

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