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The Pendulum

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What is a pendulum?

The word “pendulum” comes from the Latin word “pendulus”, meaning “hanging”. A pendulum is a device made up of a string or a small chain with some weight attached to the bottom. You can buy crystal, stone or metal pendulums but you can also make your own. You can use your hair and a ring you like, something which means a lot to you. It will swing freely under the action of gravity.

What is Pendulum reading or dowsing?

Pendulum dowsing will give “yes” or “no” answers to your questions. The energy of the answers will be felt by the muscles of your body, creating some intuitive guidance. It is used for divination but it also offers other possibilities. What are the uses of a pendulum?

With your pendulum:

-you can select what suits you best in terms of food, products and medicine

-you can choose the best days and times to take action,

– you can locate something you have lost,

-you can get answers when you are doubtful, and get confirmation after making a choice.

It is important to ask simple questions to get clear answers. It is essential to get used to your pendulum and practice often in order to feel comfortable with it and improve the connection. 

How to use it?

Unless you ask the questions for someone else, it is better to be by yourself. Drinking a glass of water before the reading is a good start as it will help you to connect with the universal consciousness. Meditating sometime before the reading will help you as well if you are familiar with it. Sit down and keep your mind and body as still and free as possible. You have to establish the connection and decide on the protocol beforehand. You have to agree on the meaning of its motions.

Hold your pendulum lightly between your thumb and your forefinger so it can swing easily. Focus on the question and let it go. The answers you will get are for the very day, things can change tomorrow. Don’t expect anything, don’t reject the answer if it doesn’t please you, be open and receptive. Just release your will and desires, let the pendulum speak and guide you. A daily practice is welcome if you want to explore the various possibilities. Practice will train your mind and will improve the accuracy of your readings.

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