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Special Numerology: the energy portal of 02/02/2022

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The day of 2/02/2022 will represent an important milestone to make peace with oneself and with others. This energy portal evokes the will to find points of agreement in a world of disagreements, without letting oneself be stepped on, what a program!

The wheel turns

The number two represented 5 times in this February 2, 2022 chart places this day under the vibrations of the 1 and its sub-number 10. The 1 is the momentum, setting the pace for your wills. With the latter, it’s forges ahead; there are no questions to be asked. The 2, tending to watch events pass on rather than provoke them, prefers passive resistance without losing sight of his objectives. The pondering and emotions of the 2 could come out in a frontal way, if it represents submission, inertia, it also underlines the exaggerated and excessive reactions to people and circumstances when the glass is full. The 10 in sub-number evokes the field of possibilities when one places will in the right direction, through tenacity and persistence, without letting oneself be discouraged or destabilized by a word stronger than one’s own.

A cycle of renewal

The energy of the 2 will be focused on going with the flow, but paradoxically if it feels stifled, the latter may react in a fiery manner and forget about good principles of diplomacy and the deep desire to never create waves. Basically, the aim is to be loved, recognized, appreciated and to find common ground to have peace. It symbolizes motherhood, which has to do with family and the visceral need to protect it. In a universal month 8, the 2 will find support, energy to take up the cause and defend the values dear to his principles. Far from seeking war, on the contrary, the goal will be to redefine a safe foundation, aiming a return to personal and universal balance.

Double or nothing

During this energy portal on 02/02/2022, energies will be tripled. This can be a good omen, but not always. Everything will depend on each person, on his history and his ability to make compromises. The 2nd must take root in order to anchor his project in the long term, the 5th to offer an opportunity to change course through concessions, the 8th to react without excess of authority, abuse of power. In a universal year 6, a year of choices, doubts, orientations, February 2, 2022 will offer an intense reflection to make the right decisions, sheltered from emotions, avoiding to spread lamentations. Free will shall be more relevant more than ever.

Good times too

In a universal year 6 having as objective a world more in adequacy with the physical, corporal, material and emotional well-being, this 2 represented 5 times will propose a gentle change to enjoy the pleasures of the present moment by cooing in the arms of his lover. Couples will have the words they need to say I love you and singletons will be able to meet a sweetheart.

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