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Egyptian Astrology

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A bit of History

Astrology has been influenced by the Greeks and the Egyptians but previously, the Babylonians were supposed to be the creators of it.

Egyptian Astrology is associated with the Egyptian gods and goddesses.

Let’s find your god/goddess

Osiris (March 27 to April 25)

This is the God that represents life, death and resurrection. Osiris people are pioneers and entrepreneurs, they are natural leaders.

Amon-Ra (April 26 to May 25)

The God King is a creative builder that can inspire and lead others. Self confident and well organized; you are determined and have a strong ethic.

Hathor (May 26 to June 24)

The Goddess of the Feminine and Motherhood is ruling pleasure and fun. You are positive, caring and charismatic; you need contact with nature.

 Phoenix (June 25 to July 24)

As the Phoenix, you are an opportunist and can regenerate quickly. You are strongly motivated and encourage others to move ahead.

Anubis (July 25 to August 28)

The God guide of the deaths is supportive and positive. You are considered and respected for your wise advise. You are tolerant, always happy to help.

Thoth (August 29 to September 27)

The God of knowledge will bless you with creativity, originality and problem solving skills. You pay attention to details and are well organized.

Horus (September 28 to October 27)

The God of the sky encourages you to stand for your beliefs. You want the best in life and can get it as you are determined. You brighten up other peoples’ life.

Wadjet (October 28 to November 26)

The God associated with the royal cobra makes you loyal and wise. You are ambitious, altruistic and cautious. Others like you for your kindness.

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