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Unlike western Astrology, the Australian Astrology is associated to the elements such as Fire for deserts, Air for mountains, Earth for rain-forests and Water for the ocean.

The 12 Zodiacal signs consist in Aboriginal Dream time stories which are linked to animals. Looking for your crew:

The Lizard people (September)

Discriminating and reserved, cautious and methodical, the Lizard people are nervous and can be critical. They hate the unknown and they prefer to hide their emotions.

The Emu people (October)

Artistic and refined, active and indecisive, the Emu people are popular and fight for their rights. They don’t like routine, they are alert when it comes to new ideas, concepts and plans.

The Echidna people (November)

Complex and secretive, stubborn and determined, the Echidna people can have extremist tendencies. It is often common sense versus emotions. Good sense of humor.

The Kangaroo people (December)

Outspoken and individualistic, cheerful and loyal, the Kangaroo people are humanitarian and pro-active. They need outdoor activities and they enjoy sport competitions.

The Possum people (January)

Determined and persistent, independent and creative, the Possum people are good managers. They are positive and they manage finding full realization through companionship.

The Bat people (February)

Artistic and creative, instinctive and intuitive, the Bat people are generous and understanding. They are fond of knowledge and they can’t stand lies or injustice.

The Bandicoot people (March)

Honest and loyal, practical but irrational at times, the Bandicoot people can be shy, reserved. They are sympathetic and persuasive but changeable.

The Dingo people (April)

Magnetic and independent, warm and enthusiast, the Dingo people are spontaneous and courageous. They often are “the life of the party” but they can be blunt at times.

The Wombat people (May)

Slow-thinker and strong-willed, secretive and stubborn, the Wombat people are often critical and perfectionist. They have high standards and expectations for themselves and others.

The Platypus people (June)

Curious and restless, optimistic and inspirational, the Platypus people are good communicators. They are good messengers but they like doing things as they please.

The Koala people (July)

Sensitive and reserved, intuitive and protective, the Koala people can be emotional and nostalgic. They like to be surrounded by family members and they do care for them.

The Crocodile people (August)

Ambitious and resilient, charming and generous, the Crocodile people are determined and persistent. They want to be leaders and work hard to achieve their goals.

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